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    As I sit here on this damp, wet August morning I ponder what I should write and if my words will inspire and cause others to stop and think about their lives. 


    When I was asked to write and article on health and to include spiritual, emotional, and physical information, I panicked.  What do I know about these things?  I am probably the worst canadite that Lea could have picked for this, but I am going to give it my best shot and I am never one to backdown from an assignment.  So here I go jumping in with both feet and hoping for a good outcome!


    I am the first one to tell you that I am not a church going, bible thumping type.  Church to me, can be me sitting in a pew at church or sitting on the tail gate of my truck with a cup of coffee and looking into the beautiful world that God has placed before my eyes.  However, I do believe in the higher power and I do read my bible.  Maybe I am a bit different from some, but there is no right and no wrong in how or where you worship our Lord and Savior. 


    How do I talk about the spiritual side of health?  I looked up verses on strong women of the bible.  We all strive to be strong women, so why not start there? 


    The first verse that touched me after reading several was – Proverbs 14:1 – The wise woman builds her house but a with her own hands the foolish one tears hers downs. 


    Which woman do you want to be? The wise woman building her house or the foolish one that tears hers down?


    I chose to be the builder of my house.  I work hard to provide a home that is loving and kind for all who enter.  To me this doesn’t mean it’s not always clean when visitors drop by, but that I make them feel welcomed and they are offered refreshing drinks and conservation.  I listen with an open heart to their problems, I don’t offer advice unless asked and then carefully. 


    I work hard taking care of those in my care.  From my animals, to my kids and grandkids, to my other half so they all have food, shelter, and love. 


    When I am at my full time office job I give 110%!  I want to be that person that people can call to take care of a problem they have and know that I will get it taken care of.  I work to make the day easier for those who work out of my office.  If I can take care of the simple things, it leaves them time to deal with the bigger issues that come up during the week.


    The physical side threw me for a loop as well!  Those that have meet me, probably say, “Man she is not a very physical person and needs to do more!” 


    On most days I walk over 8,000 steps, which to some is not many but with two bad knees and arthritis some days it’s not easy, I lift an average of four to five 5-gallon buckets of feed daily, I throw hay the old fashion way at the moment with a pitch fork to my goat herd, as well as help with fence repairs, doctoring animals, moving equipment, and repairing equipment. 


    To some I know that doesn’t seem like exercise – I’m not working out in a gym, jogging 3 or 4 miles, doing situps, etc.  Let me tell you walking, turning wrenches, throwing bales of hay, and lifting 5-gallon buckets of whole corn gives you as much of a work out as going to the gym.  Plus it’s a lot more fun to me!


    Emotional – goodness where do I go with emotional?  I guess I can start with anger, which is my biggest weakness.


    This week I have had a lot of anger at my job – people not doing their jobs which results in nasty phone calls from citizens about how the crews don’t do their jobs, how our wages are paid with their tax dollars, and so on.  Do I let that anger get the best of me?  To be honest sometimes yes!  But I try to stop, take a deep breath and clear my mind and start again. 


    Do I get depressed?  Yes…….I lost my Mom in October of 2016 and my Dad in January of this year.  I still have not gotten over those losses, but I don’t let others know that.  I put a smile on my face every day and meet the world head on.  I try to reflect on all the good times, remember their smiles, and to be the person they raised me to be.  And when things get really bad I have a message on my cell phone that I listen to a lot.  It’s the last message my Dad left me on my phone.


    Depression is not something to be ashamed of.  Talking things over with a pastor, priest, friend, or family member can help.  Sometimes just talking to someone helps and when you speak your concern or worry out loud you can understand it better yourself.  Never be afraid to ask for help for anything in your life. 


    Our health is so important and every piece – emotional, physical, and spiritual – work together to make us who we are and how we face each and every day.  So take care of you!  Never be concerned to ask for help.  Never put yourself down or let others put you down, because you are wonderful and you are loved! 


    Build your foundation, don’t tear it down! 



    Submitted by Kathy Cattrell, Board Member, Honorary Member




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